RECKE’s new cooking revolution sweeps UAE


RECKE’s new ranges of multicookers are revolutionising UAE homes, by significantly reducing cooking time. These cookers also come with a detailed step-by-step recipe book for up to 250 recipes, which instantly turns everyone into a master chef.

RECKE is launching four new models of multicookers in the UAE – the MC-110, MC-150,MC-150 Limited Edition and the high-end MC-X170, which come equipped with 69 cooking programs, 20 of those are fully automated.

Hong Kong-based Recke Industries limited is a home appliance company renowned for quality, improved energy efficiency and high levels of freshness. Convenience features coupled with a space saving design, the multicooker offers ultimate ease for the modern family.

“RECKE stands for quality, but more importantly we want to change the way people approach cooking, giving them the freedom to create mouth-watering dishes, while giving you the freedom to sit back and relax. Not only that, our device is portable enough for camping-trips or a picnic by the beach. These products and their functionalities have been designed, so that our customers can truly enjoy their cooking,” commented Suchit Kumar, Business Development Director MEA, Recke Industries Limited.

RECKE Multicookers can bring out the chef in you. It lets you prepare conventional favourites, from start to finish with a tap of a button. Each Multicooker is accompanied with an easy-to-follow recipe book that lets you create anything from a cake, to a chicken roll or a full-blown continental meal. Also, these cookers are space-savers, making it ideal for small kitchens, or even a fantastic addition to a modern kitchen.

Given the break-neck pace of life in the UAE, every kitchen needs a Multicooker. The top of the range
MC-X170 Multicooker is a brim full of technology, packed with touch controls and 69 cooking programs, 20 of which are automated. The X170 has a 5 litre, GREBLON® Non-stick Ceramic coated bowl for easy cooking in temperature variants up to 180 degree Celsius.

An interesting feature that’s included in the mid-range model MC-150is the 3D heating option that is tailor-made for baking and ensures all round cooking of almost any food type.

All the cookers come with a fryer basket and steaming tray. Users are also able to set temperatures and cooking times. For the seasoned enthusiastic and adventurous cook, the PRO function makes for truly unique preparations.

RECKE Multicookers are available across selected stores and e-commerce entities in the UAE, with price range extending from AED 299 to AED 649. RECKE Multicooker is an ‘All-in-One’ appliance designed to substitute the kitchen stove, oven, steamer, fryer, pan, microwave oven.